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New product of the APF Group: "padded bag", special for trees, shrubs and gardens


  • Protection against adverse weather conditions: Cereal straw compacted in the form of pellets protects the soil against frost and drought. It acts as a natural insulator, keeping the soil temperature stable and protecting it from extreme temperature fluctuations that can be harmful to plants.

  • Conservation of soil moisture: This product has the ability to retain water, which helps to conserve soil moisture. This reduces the need for frequent watering, which can be especially beneficial in drought-prone areas or during the summer months.


  • In orchards: It can be used in orchards to improve soil health and promote plant growth.

  • In gardens: It is ideal for use in gardens, where it can help keep plants healthy and reduce the need for watering.

  • In flower pots: It can also be used in flower pots to improve the retention of water and nutrients.

  • At the base of shrubs: Applying around the base of shrubs can help protect the roots and conserve moisture.

  • Around trees: Use around trees can help protect roots, conserve moisture and improve the overall health of the tree.

  • Along fences: Applying along fences can help maintain the health of the stand and reduce the need for irrigation.


  • Cereal straw compacted in pellet form: Cereal straw is a by-product of agriculture that has been sustainably recycled to create a useful and eco-friendly gardening product. Pellets are easy to apply and break down slowly, releasing nutrients into the soil over time.


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