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Grup APF

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Serveis Agrícoles TAR carries out all the work in the field, planting, cultivating, harvesting, mowing, harvesting the crops, for this we have a large fleet of agricultural machinery and highly qualified personnel.
SAT Agropofitós i Fills , with extensive experience in the straw and alfalfa sector, has a transformation and production plant, facilities of more than 15,000m2 to offer productions of the highest quality and with a production of more than 50,000 tons yearly. The experience in the sector allows a linear production throughout the year, all the selected forages are of the highest quality and are processed at their optimum moment.
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Profarratges Balaguer , is the group company that is responsible for the marketing and distribution of products. The treatment with clients is personalized, according to their needs and the quality of the products and services make GRUP APF a leading company in the sector. Almost all of the production is exported to Europe, North Africa, Mediterranean countries and the Middle East.
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