The main activity of GRUP APF is the production of alfalfa and dehydrated forages for livestock feed. Our main product is alfalfa pellets, we also produce straw pellets and dehydrated bales of alfalfa and various forages, our scope of action is the national market, mainly export. Our experience in the cultivation, transformation in our own factory and marketing of alfalfa and straw, allows us to offer a high quality product.




The Profitós family started a family business linked to the land, the cultivation and commercialization of alfalfa and fodder in Balaguer, Lleida, northwestern Spain, the main forage area of ​​the peninsula, in recent years we have adapted to changes in the sector, taking advantage of experience and family tradition and with the technological improvements necessary to offer the good product that the current global market demands.



Camí del Prat. Pol. 5, parcela 197

25600 Balaguer (Lleida - Spain).

Phone: (+34) 973 292 340

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