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VEGETALIT a new innovative and ecological product for the well-being of the pet

VEGETALIT litter for cats is an innovative and ecological product that stands out for being composed of straw pellet crumbs. This unique composition offers a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional cat litter.

Instructions for use:

  1. Litter Box Preparation: Begin by pouring and spreading approximately 2 cm of straw pellet crumbs in the litter box. Be sure to distribute the litter evenly so that your cat can move around comfortably.

  2. Daily maintenance: It is important to maintain the hygiene of the litter box to ensure the well-being of your cat. Therefore, you must remove the clumps formed by the cat's waste with a shovel every day. This will also help prevent bad odors.

  3. Weekly replenishment: Over the days, the amount of sand in the box may decrease due to daily cleaning. Therefore, every week you need to add more sand to the box until you reach the initial base level of 2 cm.

  4. Monthly cleaning: At least once a month, it is recommended to completely empty the contents of the litter box. Afterwards, you should wash the box with soap and water to remove any residue or bacteria. When the box is clean and dry, you can fill it again with VEGETALIT sand.

Remember that proper use and regular maintenance of the litter box is essential to your cat's health and comfort. We hope your cat enjoys the VEGETALIT litter!


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